Guide to Hanging Non-Woven Wallpapers


Please carefully read these instructions before installing the wall covering. We recommend hiring a professional decorator for this task.


  • Ensure walls are dry, clean, and smooth.
  • Remove old wallpaper and any loose paint.
  • Sand painted surfaces to roughen them.
  • For optimal results, cross line the walls with high-quality lining paper. Apply size to the lining paper to improve adhesion.
  • Allow the lining paper to completely dry before hanging the wall covering.

Pasting and Hanging

  • This wallpaper requires pasting the wall, not the back of the wallpaper.
  • Use a high-quality, solvent-free, fungicide-protected, ready-mixed adhesive specifically designed for non-woven wallpapers that are pasted on the wall.
  • Apply an even layer of paste to the wall, covering an area slightly wider than the wallpaper width, for hanging one strip at a time.
  • Align the wallpaper edges (butt joints) and smooth it from the center to the edges with a decorator's brush to remove air bubbles.
  • Be careful to prevent paste from oozing out of the seams and avoid getting paste on the brush or roller.
  • Keep paste off the wallpaper's surface. Maintain clean and dry hands while installing.
  • If paste contacts the wallpaper surface, immediately sponge it off gently with a clean, damp sponge.