American interior designer Van Day Truex once said: “In design, Mother Nature is our best teacher.” And we couldn’t agree more. At Tatie Lou we draw a huge amount of inspiration from the natural world, but our interest doesn’t end there. As a brand, we aim to be the opposite of throwaway and look to protect the planet at any opportunity.

We’re not in the business of following trends or producing planet-polluting fast homewares – quite the opposite. At Tatie Lou, we believe in buying less but buying better and surrounding yourself with quality pieces that bring you joy every day. Far from overly precious, our artisanal homewares are designed to be used and adored, treasured for a lifetime and lovingly passed on to future
generations – not destined for landfill.

A proudly independent business, Tatie Lou is also able to retain total control of production and prioritise eco processes. We source only the highest-quality sustainable materials. Our wallpapers use FSC-certified papers and, along with our fabrics, are digitally printed with water-based inks that are free from any nasties. Our table linens are made from eco-friendly cloth and our blankets are
woven from 90% recycled cotton that doesn’t compromise on softness. Even our cushion pads are filled 100% wool which is traceable from farm to workshop. Wool is the most sustainable cushion filling available and is contained in 100% cotton casing.

Moreover, to minimise our carbon footprint, we manufacture the majority of our collection in the UK, while all of our products are produced in small batches or made to order to avoid unnecessary waste. Our beautiful pieces won’t arrive wrapped in plastic either – even our packaging is 95% recycled or biodegradable. After all, the planet deserves as much TLC as our homes, don’t you agree?